WELCOME to the HORIZON OUTDOOR GEAR store for camping, outdoor, and fishing gear.

Technological progress has greatly facilitated the everyday life of a modern person, but at the same time has led to a sedentary lifestyle. Office work, cars, gadgets, and the Internet have left no room for full-fledged physical activity. Therefore, today more and more people prefer to spend their holidays or weekends in nature.

The ability to travel, to discover an unknown world makes a person happy and healthy. We are for outdoor activities! Therefore, we strive to provide all those who are not indifferent to spending time in nature with high-quality equipment.

  • Here you can buy tents that really do not tear, do not get wet, do not break, are quickly assembled and serve for many years.

  • We sell travel furniture that can withstand high loads, intensive use and, after years, perform the main functions as easily as on the day of purchase.

  • It is always dry, cozy and warm in our sleeping bags, because we do not sell other products as a matter of principle.

Horizon Outdoor Gear store is a young and dynamically developing store.

Our main goal is to give you an impression! After all, a properly selected product will not let you get wet, freeze and will allow you to get a lot of emotions from your outdoor experience. Therefore, our task is not just to sell you a product, but to sell only what you really need without unnecessary intrusive offers of "unnecessary expensive" things.

We are working to create a unique store for travel, outdoor activities and fishing products where the most reliable brands will be collected! And we are successfully moving towards this, constantly expanding the range of products.

We love tourism, hiking, fishing and our business.